Linerless Label System "Wellabel®" has been originated based on
the Japanese traditional "Mottainai" spirit that means waste.


Q1.How fast is the processing speed?
A1. ≫ Converting machine : 50m/min.
(For example) - Label Size : 90mm x 60mm - Web Width : 410mm(Print Width : 400mm) - 2,380 pcs. /min.
Auto Applicator
Line Speed: 5m/min. ~ 20m/min.
Capability: Max. 120 pcs. /min. (20m/min. Label Pitch: 60mm)
Q2.How accurate is the label positioning?
A2. ≫ +/-0.5mm (Label stop accuracy at label applying section)
Q3.How the label applicator will be integrated in filling /packaging line?
A3. ≫ Only Applicator Head will be install. Installation space should be confirm.
Q4.Minimum and Maximum Label Size?
A4. ≫ Min: 40mm x 40mm  /  Max: 1000mm x 100mm
For the Circular Shape: Φ70mm~100mm
Q5.Which type of applications suitable for Linerless Label?
A5. ≫ There is no particular type. You only need to select suitable Adhesive.
Q6.Can we install digital printing head in label converter?
A6. ≫ Due to the silicone coated surface, digital printing by ink ribbon or ink jet after silicone coating is not possible.
Thermal printing can be possible. Digital printing before silicone is possible.
Q7.What types of web material can be processed for Linerless Label?
A7. ≫ OPP60~70μ or PET50~60μ.
Paper can be process for Linerless Label by our convertor but Auto Applicator for paper base Linerless Label is still under development.
Q8. Can we use stronger adhesive?
A8. ≫ UV Acrylic hotmelt should be used but various types of adhesive can be used.
Q9.Can we use water base varnish or laminate instead of silicone?
A9. ≫ No.
Silicone coating will protect the surface of label. Reverse printing on clear film will have similar effect with laminated label.
Q10.Is partial coating for printing variable data available?
A10. ≫ It is not possible at this moment.
Because it may cause the shingling label to peel off on the label applicator.
Q11.Can you modify our press to include Linerless Converting System?
A11. ≫ First installation for each customer should be off line converting machine.
  After successful installation and commercial production, we may discuss the press modification.
Q12.Can we produce multi-layer label?
A12. ≫ We are planning to develop the converting machine for multi-layer Linerless Label in future.
Q13.Which shapes will be available?
A13. ≫ For Automatic Label Applicator :


Any shape can be made for Manual Application :


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Contact person : Norikazu Kiyotomo / Kiyohiro Ohyama