Linerless Label System "Wellabel®" has been originated based on
the Japanese traditional "Mottainai" spirit that means waste.

When we get to the bottom for satisfying
Cost and Ecology, We arrive to this Label !!

wellabel image

Linerless Label "Wellabel®"


Perfect Linerless Pressure Sensitive Label "Wellabel®". "Wellabel®" is No-Waste Label.
Even with the Linerless "Wellabel®" has exactly same quality and functionality as conventional label.

≫ No waste during the application.

"Wellabel®" does not use any liner which was necessary for the conventional label, therefore No(Zero) Waste. Just apply the "Wellabel®" from web to the object.

≫ The production process "1-2-3" to "1-3", by Auto Applicator it will become "1".

3 steps for the conventional label (peal→(liner)dispose→apply) will be complete in 2 steps (peal→apply) for "Wellabel®". Increase the productivity and no stress during the operation. Just set the "Wellabel®" on the Automatic-Applicator and push the start button, no trouble disposing the Liner.

≫ Unique manufacturing method will create the excellent Cost Performance.

"Wellabel®" is produced without Liner through out the manufacturing process. We have successfully established not only Linerless Label but unique process which is producing without Liner though out the manufacturing process. Excellent cost performance Label without any waste though out the manufacturing process.

Faster and more Accurately,
No Need for Manual Application!!

LL-100R image

"Wellabel®" Automatic Applicator "LL-100R"


The Labeling System for automatic application of the "Linerless", which has the structure of shingling the each label.
Efficient operation and quality improvement will be possible by implementing the dedicated applicator "LL-100R" for Linerless Label "Wellabel®".

≫ Extreme operation efficiency increase compare to the manual application.

"Applicator" can automate the label application to the various containers. When you automate the label application, higher speed application can be possible compare to the manual application.

≫ Gain the "Reliable Quality" and rationalization by using the applicator.

By using the applicator it is possible to control and maintain the application accuracy. Not only to eliminate the quality deviation but to reduce the operators to stabilize and rationalize the production capacity.

≫ Dedicated Applicator LL-100R has been developed and optimize for "Wellabel®".

  • ▶ Max. Application speed: 120 pcs. /min.
  • ▶ You can change the Label Web without stopping the line,
          One Touch Changeover.
  • ▶ Able to apply the label from top, bottom and side direction.
  • ▶ Easy to use Compact Touch Panel Controller.

Applicator Specifications

Model No. LL-100R
Label WE'LL CORPORATION's Linerless Label "Wellabel®"
Label Size Min. 40 × 40 (mm) – Max. 100 × 100 (mm)
Application Method Roller type (Standard)
Application Speed 5m/min – 20m/min     Max 120pcs/min   (20m/min)  |  (Label Pitch 60mm)
Label Stop Accuracy ±0.5mm
Speed Follow System Encoder
Roll diameter 300mm (3'/76.5mm core)
Label End Warning Standard
Adjustment Control User friendly liquid crystal touch panel controller
Power Box Separate box (with sequencer control)
Power AC200V (Single Phase)  |  300W
Air 0.5MPa (Dry air)
Dimensions (W) 610mm (D) 550mm (H) 660mm
Weight 40Kg


  • * Label Applicator Stand : According to installation conditions
  • * Output warning signals: Available on request



Contact person : Norikazu Kiyotomo / Kiyohiro Ohyama